Seeds of Love Inc.

Seeds of Love has served 84 families and GROWING........

We concentrate on sharing each individuals laughter, giving them a shoulder to cry on and we care about their dignity.  We strive to give each individual attention and make it possible for them to keep his or her privacy.  Our goal is to give the highest quality of care and treat them all as family.

We strive to provide quality care for each individual in our homes.

  • Serve families with Love and support for their loved ones.
  •  Provide quality care to each individual.
  • Maintain an at home atmosphere.
  •  Provide quality care so that the family as no worries.
  •  Meet each individuals needs above and beyond.

We are located in Greenbrier Arkansas. You can call and set up a time to come visit....we can show you around and answer any questions you may have.





" From the first time coming into the family of Seeds of Love, I have felt warmth and peace.  It is a pleasure for me to bring them comfort, smiles, and the love they deserve.  Seeds of Love is so much more than a house.  It's a place they can call home before being called by the heavenly Father." - Janice James, Employee

" At Seeds of Love they took care of my father, the way I took care of him, with love and respect.  The level of service at Seeds of Love only comes from a true calling." -Mike Baldwin

" From the moment I walked into Seeds of Love, I knew this was the place for my Mother. You can feel the love.  When Mom is having a hard and difficult time, I can go home with no worries about her care.  It is easy to leave knowing that.  Seeds of Love is truly a blessing." - Jerri Weaver

" As an employee I will give my very best to your loved one.  The most important thing to me is the care, love, happiness, and clean place to live....just like home.  You will love it, just like I do." -Angie Leber, Employee

" Mom called Seeds of Love her home for the last six years of her life. She received quality care in a family setting.  It was care that I could always depend on." -Schneider Family

" Our family worked so hard to provide the best care available for our Mother, from Independent Living to Assisted Living and a Nursing Home for a short time.  We were never satisfied.  We were given Debbie's phone number at Seeds of Love and made an appointment.  I will never forget what she told us "Let us help take responsibility for you Mother."  We are now getting the care my Mother deserves." - The Clarke Family